Your body is made of more than flesh, muscle, and bone. It’s also filled with energy. This doesn’t necessarily mean the energy you feel to do your chores, go to work, or ride a bike. Your brain is filled with neurons that send electrical signals throughout the body thousands of times per day. Those electrical signals are called nerve impulses. As such, your body acts as a container for living energy, all of it continually in motion, even when you sleep. Energy produces vibrations. So, like a myriad of other objects in your environment, in the earth, and the sky, you also vibrate and create energy.

What kind of vibrational energy do I have?

Your body produces vibrational energy every second of every day of your life without you even realizing it. For example, your respiration, your heartbeat, and even your sleeping patterns are rhythms of vibrational energy that promote function. Your muscles wouldn’t move without zaps of nerve impulses or rhythmic energies produced by the nervous system. Vibrations create electromagnetic energy waves that have the power to change the activity of cells in your body, which in turn have an influence on how they function.

Everything in our world is made up of energy and constantly pulsates though it on different levels. Rocks found deep beneath the surface of the earth, to living creatures who walk upon it, to the trees that sway in the breeze, and the wind that causes them to bend… all of it is a transformation of energy into one form or another.

Vibrations of energy can affect objects around them, produce transformations in growth, as well as influence our behaviors, thoughts, and attitudes. Vibrational energy, like all forms of energy, have a capability of attracting similar energies.

Do you ever judge a person by your first impression or gut instinct? What causes that initial feeling? Quite simply, your vibrational energy senses the vibrational energy coming from someone else and vice versa. This is an example of phrases “like attracts like” or “birds of a feather flock together”.

How does vibrational energy work?

Not all objects found in the universe produce the same levels of energy or “vibes” as they are more commonly known. Some things function at higher frequency vibrations or levels and others at lower. Some believe that, among people, our very thoughts and behaviors can affect our body rhythms or vibrations.

How does this work? Think of what happens in your body when you’re stressed. When the brain senses that you’re anxious, it sends nerve impulses to various glands in your body to release stress hormones. Those hormones cause your heart rate to accelerate or decrease. When you’re stressed and you do something soothing such as playing music to calm yourself down, those vibrations from the music can also affect your emotions, thoughts, and ultimately, how your body responds to soothe you.

The connection between body, mind, and soul has long been a foundational understanding for cultures around the world for thousands of years. When in tune with this trio, it is believed that you are capable of altering your body’s vibrations to improve mood, physical health, and can also help you achieve and manifest your goals.

Positive emotions, such as joy and a sense of contentment, are believed to create higher frequency vibrations than negative emotions such as fear, anger, or guilt. The practice of channeling your vibrational energy has the potential to promote improved physical, mental and emotional wellness.

Making the connection between mind and body

How can a person alter the functions of electrical and nerve impulses of the brain? Slow, rhythmic deep breathing is one suggestion that can not only help decrease heart rate, but stimulate areas of the brain that have a calming influence over emotions, as well as promoting an overall sense of well-being.

Practicing meditation is another option for getting in touch with your vibrational energy and making that connection between mind and body. Focusing attention on how different areas of your body feel and absorbing your thoughts and reactions as you do so is a way to alter sensitivity or response to pain, reduce blood pressure, and decrease anxiety.

To change the vibrational energy signals that you put out, practice gratitude and generosity on a daily basis. The expression of gratitude, verbally, in prayer or communion with your higher power, or within the privacy of your own mind has the potential to decrease stress levels, improve your mental outlook, and enhance social interactions. The practice of generosity or giving can also increase your vibrational energy through the very act of caring and showing compassion for others.

Go for a walk and enjoy the sight and scents of trees, shrubs, and flowers. Plant life absorbs energy from the sun and the earth to thrive and so do you. Remember, like attracts like. When you are near objects that release higher vibrations, you will absorb that energy to increase your own.