You’ve likely heard the expression, “you’re putting out negative/positive vibes”. What does it actually mean? The phrase is indicative of someone’s energy. For example, sometimes you can tell whether a person is in a good or bad mood simply because of vibes that they’re putting out.

In a nutshell, a vibration is a form of energy that is often captured in an object, someone’s thought, the quality of an individual, or even a place. Have you ever been to a place that gives you a feeling of incredible comfort and peace, or the other end of the spectrum, one prompts the hair on the back of your neck to stand on end?

Some people have a deeper sense of emotional and spiritual vibrations than others and are able to gravitate toward certain people or away from someone that just puts you off for some reason or other.

Understanding your emotional and spiritual vibrations and how to enhance or raise them can give you a deeper sense of purpose, help you find your ‘place’ in your world, and provide a deeper sense of satisfaction and happiness in your life.

Does everything have a vibration?

Albert Einstein once said that everything in life is a vibration - in a nutshell defining that the universe is made up of molecules that vibrate and move at different speeds. As such, it stands to reason that we often either absorb or collide with those vibrations. Those who vibrate at a higher level tend to be happier and more at peace, both emotionally and spiritually, than someone who has lower vibrations.

Raising your emotional and spiritual vibrations

Is there a way to consciously raise your emotional and spiritual vibrations? While the simple answer is yes, it can take effort, patience, and an increased sense of self-knowledge among individuals seeking such a goal.

For example, practicing a sense of positive emotional and spiritual growth is one way to raise your vibration frequencies. A sense of gratitude about what you have rather than more negative vibrations that focus on what you don’t have can boost not only your mood, but your emotional and spiritual vibrations that emit into the environment around you. So too can love. Love is one of the deepest emotions that a human being can feel and experience. Many experience that sense or conception of love differently. Regardless, that feeling should expand your heart with a sense of lightness and happiness, which in turn, enhances your spiritual energy.

Practicing generosity is another way to increase both spiritual and emotional vibrations. Greed and selfishness lower your vibrations. A person experiencing these negative vibrations might feel guilty, ashamed, or alone in life. True generosity or spirit of giving, not because you’re expecting a reward or a pat on the back in return, is a very good way to increase your spiritual and emotional vibrations.

Holding onto negative emotions such as blame, resentment, and anger can also decrease your spiritual and emotional vibrations. Releasing negative energy shifts the balance toward the positive, increasing not only your sense of energy but creating a more peaceful environment within your heart and soul. Forgiveness is a blessing, a gift, not only to others, but to yourself.

Are you a glass half-empty or half-full type of person? Negativity has a way of dragging down not only the spirit, but your emotional state. Negativity breeds disenchantment, disappointment, and resentment. Instead, think positive. Your thoughts determine your future, or at the minimum, your path toward manifesting your goals, fulfilling your desires, and achieving what you’re looking for out of life. Negative attitudes and thoughts are heavy and can make you feel as if you’re carrying a great burden on your shoulders.

To enhance your spiritual and emotional vibrations, get in touch with nature, where you can seek and recognize a renewed passion for your existence. Feel the earth beneath your feet. Revel in the breeze against your face. Enjoy a sunrise or sunset to experience the simple joys to be found in Mother Nature, enhancing your sense of clarity and that you are a part of a huge and vast universe.

Reap the benefits of enhanced emotional and spiritual vibrations

The benefits that you can gain from raising your emotional and spiritual vibrations are not to be underestimated. Not only will you feel better emotionally, but you’ll feel sharper mentally and experience a deeper sense of your spirituality.

Your heightened vibrations elicit a sense of calmness, peacefulness, and enhanced awareness of yourself and those around you. Higher vibrations increase your resilience to the challenges in life. Lift your sense of consciousness and achieve a greater understanding and compassion for friends, family, and loved ones. Most importantly, raising your emotional and spiritual vibrations will increase your ability to support your mind, body, and soul.