Aligning your life’s purpose and your soul’s purpose takes some consideration, patience, and a deep understanding of who you are and your place in life that. Finding that purpose involves your belief systems and your perceived connection to your higher power and the universe. Be aware that there is a difference between a life purpose and a soul purpose.

Finding your soul purpose is not the same as a “calling”, as a calling is typically what you believe that you are supposed to do, whether it be personal growth and development, choosing a career, or following a talent. However, your soul belongs to the universe or your higher power, while your physical life belongs to you.

About life purpose

Are you satisfied with your life? Do you believe you are fulfilling not only your purpose, but your own goals and dreams? Are you seeking ways to make your life more meaningful? These are common questions among people of all ages, demographics, and cultures. It’s natural for human beings to question their very existence. Why am I here? What am I supposed to do with my life that not only provides meaning to me, but supports and helps others?

Deeper fulfillment in life comes with satisfaction and happiness. Seeking for greater meaning and direction in life requires self-inspection and often criticism. It requires a willingness to delve deep into your psyche and your heart to determine whether you’re on the right track or not.

Your life goes through a number of stages as you grow from adolescence to adulthood. Your goals, your life’s purpose at each stage, depends on what you hope to achieve in life and can focus on getting through stages such as school, building a relationship, getting married, finding that job you’ve always wanted, and so forth. Every phase of your life will come with different challenges as well as desires.

Finding your life’s purpose means determining not only what you want out of life (not just material things), but examining your strengths and weaknesses. Identifying your strengths helps you determine your life’s purpose because it’s most likely something you gravitate toward.

Asking yourself questions can also help clarify your life’s purpose. For example, after identifying your strengths, ask yourself this: what would you do in your life if you knew, positively, that you could not fail? If nothing stood in your way, how would your strengths and passions or interests cross paths?

Finding your life’s purpose is not something that typically happens instantaneously. It can take years of trial and error and plenty of patience to find the joy and satisfaction that you want out of life. It’s not just about financial security. It’s being in harmony and coming to the understanding that finally, you are happy and fulfilled.

What is soul purpose?

Isn’t your life’s purpose the same as your soul purpose? Not exactly. While your life purpose is to achieve something that you want out of life, your soul purpose is a journey toward experiencing that life, feeling it and learning and growing intellectually and spiritually from it. Your soul purpose will guide you toward a greater understanding of who you are, your faith and belief in a higher power, a Great Spirit, or God in a way that encourages your relationship with a higher sense of understanding and oneness with the divine.

When mind, body, and soul are aligned, you are able to achieve a higher level of enlightenment that can provide you with a greater understanding of not only your place in the universe, but what you’re supposed to do with it.

In other words, your life purpose is all about stages of existence, growth, and development. Your soul purpose is living your life to the fullest, to a point where you find a great sense of peace and contentment, a spiritual awakening that not only provides you with deeper satisfaction with your life, but in your connections to a higher power.

Aligning your life purpose and soul purpose

Throughout your journeys in life, your challenges and successes, your stages of growth, mentally and physically, and in your manifestation of your goals, aligning your life’s purpose and your soul’s purpose creates a sense of balance, of rightness to the point you’ll feel a great sense of harmony and fulfillment. Your experiences as a human being also enlightens your soul. Life is finite, but the soul is infinite. While your life’s purpose may change, your soul purpose will remain the same.

Some may find that their life purpose and their soul purpose are one and the same. Your life’s purpose likely involves a number of steps on your journey to achieve certain goals at different stages of your life. Finding your soul purpose or the meaning of your life, is the ultimate goal of your journey. It’s one of complete and total self-realization. It is the fulfillment of reaching your potential in a spiritual sense, and of achieving knowledge (without ego) of your true, inner self.